Arctic August: Look Into My Eyes

Wed August 16 @ 6:30pm – Join us for an evening of eye readings and ice cream that is sure to give you the summer shivers!

We first welcome natural intuitive Shay Port whose ability to “read” eyes has given her an unusually high level of emotional intelligence. She’ll discuss how our eyes are the window to the soul and can reveal how we really feel about what matters most in our lives.

During the talk and live demonstration (she’ll ask for volunteers from the audience!), we’ll make your eyes open even wider with our own Sundae Social chock-full of toppings and good conversation.

A raffle will also be held to win a free thirty-minute eye reading with Shay!

So come and chill out at the library! Get out of the sun and into a sundae!

Register Today! Admission: $1.00 at the door