Discovering Gettysburg: An Unconventional Civil War Chat

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Tues Sep 19 @ 1pm – Gettysburg is a small, charming city nestled in south-central Pennsylvania, but in many ways it defies description. For about half the year, its streets are mostly empty. The other months, however, teem with hundreds of thousands of visitors all looking to rediscover the battle which raged there in July of 1863.

This constant allure of the city that altered the path of the Civil War gets explored in the brand new book, Discovering Gettysburg by professor emeritus and all-around G-burg lover, W. Stephen Coleman. He’ll take us on an unconventional tour of the famous and off-the-beaten-path places of the battlefield, explore the historic town as it is today, and chat about some of the larger-than-life people and places he found on his adventure.

So join us for an afternoon of history and humor as Professor Coleman delivers his own Gettysburg Address. And his comes with pictures!

Professor Coleman will have copies of his book for purchase. Refreshments will be served free of Pickett’s Charge.

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About the Author: W. STEPHEN COLEMAN has spent most of his adult life as a professor of theater at the University of Pittsburgh. Post-retirement, however, Dr. Coleman discovered a new interest: The Civil War, and especially, the defining battle between North and South at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Today, Coleman channels the discipline and research he once devoted to his work on over 300 shows into writing. A specialist in Shakespeare, acting, directing and stage combat, he taught for more than 40 years and practiced his craft on stage and screen, including roles in The Silence of the Lambs, where he had the pleasure of being literally defaced by Hannibal “the Cannibal” Lecter and the PBS Series, The War That Made America, where as the ill-fated General Braddock he was shot from the back of a horse.