Classes & Training

Current Classes & Training

See Tech Events for upcoming classes.

Help Sheets

Get immediate help with your tech-related questions by downloading these pdfs.

How Do I…?

Borrow Library Books on Your Kindle Fire.
Get Started with Windows 8.
Download Overdrive App to iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Color & Android Devices .

Online Learners

Universal Class Take free online tech classes with videos, instructor’s feedback and earn CE credits.
GCF Learn Free Free online tech classes – over 100 tutorials, lessons, videos.
Learn Excel for Free Get up to speed with Excel. Excel Easy offers a fully illustrated Excel tutorial + 300 examples. It’s 100% free.
Mousercise! A step-by-step mousing exercise brought to you by the Palm Beach County Public Library.
Typing Club Learn to type and become a better typist on this easy-to-use, interactive practice site.
Download Help Sheets on Microsoft Office, Windows, email & more from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s website.

30-minute Appointment

If you have specific tech-related questions, you may schedule a one-on-one computer assistance session with a knowledgeable staff member. To set up a session, please call 412-882-6622 or email Licia or Sarah to arrange a mutually compatible time.

  • Due to limited staff time and availability, sessions are limited to 30 minutes and patrons may only sign up for a session once per month.
  • These sessions are designed to be instructional, library staff may provide support, but cannot execute the actual work.
  • Please note, we will not diagnose or troubleshoot any problems on your home system or laptop.