Just Ask the Journalist: A Talk about Walkabout (with Treats!)

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Wed April 26 @ 2pm – Join us for a very inky entry in our “Just Ask” series during which local professionals answer all kinds of questions from the audience. There is no lecture, no PowerPoint, and no planned presentation. Just a special guest ready to tackle anything you’d like to ask!

In the spirit of playful investigation, be our guest for an informal talk with a real wordsmith of a woman, journalist Diana Nelson Jones of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette!

What is your average day like? How many times have you seen All the Presidents Men? Do you ever get “mad as hell” and can’t take it anymore? What are your thoughts on cable news? How do you relieve stress? What’s it like to have a deadline? Who would play you in a TV movie? Do you prefer ink or e-device? Does one of your co-workers have a nickname like Ace or Smithy?

She’ll answer all of your questions –and more!– while we curb our appetite with ice-cold snacks worth “5 W’s and an H”!

Get ready for an afternoon of answering the big questions and getting the big scoops –of ice cream!

Registration begins tomorrow…

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