Library Board

The Library Board of Directors meets the Second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Second Chapter Café. Board meetings are open to the general republic and visitors are welcomed.

Library Board Members

George Findlay, President
Eileen Tenenbaum, Vice-President/Treasurer
Christine Lakomy, Secretary
Helen Dubina, Asst. Treasurer
Leo Daly, First Term
Tara Abbott, First Term
Kelly Lonergan, First Term
Paula Kelly, Library Director

Library Board Policies

Conflict of Interest for Board of Directors
Fraud and Corruption

Library Board Minutes 2017

Library Board Minutes – 5/17
Library Board Minutes – 4/17
Library Board Minutes – 3/17
Library Board Minutes – 2/17
Library Board Minutes – 1/17


Board Minutes 2013-2016