March (Book) Madness

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In the spirit of college basketball’s “March Madness,” we will pit title against title in a literary competition.

Here are the steps:
1. Print out this bracket.
2. Write down which book you think will win each match-up.
3. Return your bracket to Whitehall Public Library by March 11, 2018, for the chance to win a prize! The winner will be announced on April 2.

Don’t forget to vote! Your vote may determine who wins.

Voting will occur each week, according to the following schedule:

  • Round One: March 5 – March 11
  • Round Two: March 12 – March 18
  • Round Three: March 19 – March 25
  • Final Round: March 26 – April 1

Voting takes place in the library or online via our website, Facebook,
or Twitter. For more information, give us a call!