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Keystone Stories: A Visit with PCN’s Brian Lockman

Tuesday October 22 @ 1:00 pm – To celebrate forty years of Pennsylvania Cable Network, the library welcomes President and CEO Brian Lockman to discuss his popular program, PA Books!

For more than twenty years and over 800 episodes, Mr. Lockman has interviewed authors to discuss the historical and cultural legacies of the Keystone State. From the American Revolution to the post-industrial present, and including some of the area’s most famous citizens like W.C. Fields and Andrew Mellon, PA Books is a living document of everything we were then and are now. Register Today!

The Witches of Pennsylvania : Occult History and Lore

Sunday October 27 @ 2:00 pm – Since William Penn presided over the state’s only official witch trial in 1684, witchcraft and folk magic have been a part of the Keystone State. Join us for a spooky presentation of the state’s historic witches led by author and archivist Thomas White. He will trace the history and lore of witchcraft and the occult that quietly live on in Pennsylvania even today.

Register today!

The Emerald Isle in Appalachia: A Concert with Kyle Carey

Tuesday November 19 @ 7:00 pm – Be our guest for a joyful transatlantic concert that blends the Gaelic tradition with American roots music.  Musician Kyle Carey, who is also a Fulbright Scholar with a degree in literature, will weave a musical tapestry that explores the deep connection between Appalachia’s Celtic roots.

Pulling together threads of Bluegrass, gospel, Irish ballads, and fiddle tunes, Carey’s songs reference everything from folktale and legend to pub ditties and the rich history of the Emerald Isle. Register Today!

The Saint’s Mistress: A Divine Chat with Kathryn Bashaar

Thursday November 21 @ 2:00 pm – Join us for a literary tryst to the fourth century as author Kathryn Bashaar talks about her historical novel, The Saint’s Mistress!

Told against the backdrop of the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity, the book breathes new life into the previously untold story of Saint Augustine’s beloved mistress.

We’ll sweeten the mood even more with a cornucopia of divinely decadent desserts.  Here’s a Confession: you won’t want to miss this chance to be as happy as a Hippo! Register Today!