WPL in the Kitchen With Chef Shelley

Summer Corn Chowder & Bread

The calendar says it’s May, but we had to look twice to believe our eyes when we saw snowflakes swirling outside our windows.

Weather like that calls for comfort. It certainly didn’t feel like summer, but I did have the ingredients on hand for Oprah Winfrey’s Summer Corn Chowder from her cookbook Food Health and Happiness.

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Mann’s Mock Crab Cakes

Sometimes the best recipes don’t come from a book or the Internet. Sometimes they are written down on a card by a loved one.

At my bridal shower 20 years ago, my mother asked friends and family to write down recipes that then were placed into a new recipe box for me.

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Joanne Flukeā€™s Party Cookies

A surprise plate of warm beignets arrived at our door one Friday evening. Then a gift box of homemade chocolate-covered Oreos on a Sunday afternoon. Both were sweet and cheerful (and very welcome) gifts delivered by two teenage girls.

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Stretching Your Food Budget (& Substitutions Advice!)

Back in 2009, British food columnist Kate Colquhoun wrote The Thrifty Cookbook: 476 Ways to Eat Well with Leftovers. She cites economical and environmental reasons to heed her advice, but her book remains relevant today, as we seek ways to stretch our food budget and our leftovers amid the coronavirus crisis.

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Sweet Treats (with Sneaky Vegetables!)

I don’t know about you, but as I look back to March 12, to be exact, I’ll admit that I was panic buying. I couldn’t find toilet paper so I decided to stock up on what I could. For me, that was canned goods — especially beans — and oatmeal.

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Pizza Making with Lidia Bastianich

When you have the time, there’s nothing like homemade pizza. It’s especially fun to get the whole family involved in the pizza-making process, from kneading the dough to simmering the sauce and assembling all of the ingredients before sliding that pie into the oven.

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